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Decorative Truss


Add beauty and comfort to your space

We have over 20 years experience at P.L. Custom Homes, so we can provide you with expert design ideas to ensure your renovation is exactly how you envisioned it. Our skilled team will work closely with you and provide high-quality material options and use exceptional techniques that will enhance the appearance of your home, cottage, or property.


Make your house feel more like home

Watch your house transform as we remodel your kitchen or bathroom and make your dreams come true. P.L. Custom Homes is a professional team with high-quality standards and completes projects on schedule. Our designers will help create the exact specs you’ll need to make sure no detail is missed. It’s our pleasure to take you through your renovation journey from start to finish to make the spaces you use everyday spectacular and durable. Call us to book a quote. There’s no better time than now!

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