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Renovated Dining Room
Decorative Truss

Transform Your Home with

P.L. Custom Homes & Renovations
Decorative Truss


P.L. Custom Homes understands that every detail matters in your home, so we provide everything from large-scale renovations to small projects, repairs, custom accents, and handcrafted furniture.

Kitchen & Bathroom

We can remodel your kitchen and bathroom by adding custom cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. P.L. Custom Homes also provides numerous flooring options, such as tile, laminate, vinyl, and hardwood. Make your kitchen a social attraction and your bathroom an oasis.

Carpentry & Millwork

A lot of small details go into designing, building, and finishing your custom home or cottage renovation. P.L. Custom Homes looks after the project from start to finish. We install windows, insulation, drywall, doors, trim, and more. We can also create custom barn doors, accent walls, and harvest tables to suit your style and vision. Our services extend beyond the typical renovation job.

Door Installation & Repair Services

P.L. Custom Homes can install or repair your doors for privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal. Your home is a big investment, so we’ll use our professional knowledge and experience to skillfully repair existing doors or install new ones. Your doors will provide you with functional reliability for years.

Decorative Truss


P.L. Custom Homes understands quality is essential to the longevity of your renovation. We’re passionate about our artisanship and are committed to designing and building exceptional homes, cottages, custom kitchens, bathrooms, basements, built-ins, garages, decks and more. Our skilled team cares about every detail to ensure a flawless finish. You’ll get years of enjoyment out of your new space.

Garage & Decks

We can custom design an ideal garage or deck to suit your needs and style. You can always use more space for outdoor storage and social entertainment. Let us build you the perfect garage or deck. No garage or deck is too big!

Timber Accents

Create a unique and stylish atmosphere for your home by adding timber frame structures and wood accents, such as gazebos, pavilions, decorative wood trusses, bar tops and much more!

Property Management & Landscaping

P.L. Custom Homes will also take care of your property needs. We provide full-service property management, so you can feel confident your home, cottage, and grounds are well maintained. Take care of all your property needs with P.L. Custom Homes!

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